An Example of What to Expect

I was initially sceptical about hypnotherapy but at the prompting of my wife I googled.  Luckily Brendan's site appeared on page 1.  An initial consultation revealed Brendan to be professional and empathetic and in no way a pushy salesman.  After only five sessions, I am literally a changed man.  Brendan listened, suggested, prompted and counselled and used all of this to programme some outrageously effective hypnotherapy.   The result? Brendan's hypnotherapy has helped me to overcome years of anxiety and depression so that I now manage my moods and life's ups and downs much more easily.  I can highly recommend Brendan as a compassionate, friendly,  non-judgemental counsellor who gives generously.   In fact, Brendan is so effective and honest that after 5 sessions, by my own judgement, I was so improved that he was clear that there was no need for me to pay for further sessions.    Thanks Brendan, you're a life saver!  Highly recommended!!! 5 stars!!!!