Before stepping into the world of clinical hypnotherapy, I have helped countless individuals to create positive lifelong change both personally and professionally. Listed below are quotes from some of the individuals who I have already helped.

"So intuitive to my needs. Everything he did was mindful, robust, well-planned and of exceptional quality."


"Kind, compassionate, fun, very reliable and a real inspiration to many. A real gentleman."


"Brendan has the talent of being able to see the best in people and coach them into seeing it in themselves. He has given me the confidence, skills and experience that I need." 


"Someone could provide both a sympathetic ear and practical support."


"Brendan was instrumental in supporting me and building my confidence, ensuring that I believed in my own ability."


"If I could choose one person to work with again, without doubt it would be Brendan. Quite simply, he is exceptional."


I have an awful lot to thank him for. My husband and I are grateful for his support."


"The impact of Brendan's personality, physical action and intelligence has had a big impact on me. When I meet new colleagues, I find myself comparing them to Brendan. Unfortunately, this leaves me disappointed!"


"Brendan's professionalism is matched only by his compassion for others. I can say hand on heart that I would not have achieved what I did without his continued support."


"Brendan was pivotal in boosting my own self-belief. I can't speak highly enough of him and feel privileged to have worked with such a positive, kind and selfless person."


"Brendan's skill set and personality are admirable; his honesty, compassion and dedication are beneficial to all who spend time with him."


"Brendan is the very definition of professional and he inspired me in so many ways. He manages to make everyone around him feel special."


"Brendan has a way of brining out the best in people. He empowers you to be the very best you can be."


"I genuinely believe that I would not be where I am now in my career without the support and input he has given me over the years."


"One of the most influential people that I have worked with."


"Brendan has had an enormous positive impact on my career. He inspired and motivated me to improve and enhance my skill set."