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How Hypnotherapy Can Help With Anxiety

Check Out These 5 STAR REVIEWS From People Who I Have Already Worked With

‘After just one session I felt my anxiety start to lift.’

Brendan is simply amazing. Earlier this year I started to struggle really badly with my anxiety. It was taking over my life and I had tried so many things to help the anxiety and nothing seemed to work. Until I met Brendan. I felt immediately at ease in his company. After just one session I felt my anxiety start to lift. And after a couple I felt my old self start to shine through again. Now any time I feel any kind of anxiety or panic start to surface I make an appointment with Brendan and he sets me back on the right path. I cannot recommend him enough.

Mel - Southampton

‘I felt able to say exactly how I felt with no judgement’

Brendan took the time to explain what is happening in my brain to cause my anxiety, in a language that I could understand.


He offered a new way to look at situations, a new perspective that felt like a suggestion more than instruction.  I felt able to say exactly how I felt with no judgement and that has allowed me to let go of the fear, fear that I have lived with for a long time and that I had normalised.


I have been able to regain my trust in my moral compass, my intuition and notice the goodness in people again. I am calmer, and I feel more confident that I can navigate my way through life’s journey with more ease and embrace the joy.


I have so much gratitude and respect for Brendan’s work. Life is too precious and short to live in fear and be on constant high alert, the hardest bit was to take the step to contact him. The rest …see for yourself. Brendan’s a good human being and generous of heart. He really can help you.

Sally - Twickenham

‘Seeing Brendan has changed our family for the better’

We cannot recommend Brendan enough! We bought our 12 year old anxious daughter to see Brendan with an open and hopeful mind, as parents we were at our wits end and were willing to try anything to help her. Professional, friendly, approachable and a fantastic listener, Brendan immediately built rapport with our daughter who felt at ease with him straight away. After only a few sessions, she is a different child who is outgoing and confident with the most positive outlook. Seeing Brendan has changed our family for the better and we only regret we didn’t see him sooner!

Lara - Plymouth

‘I had such a wonderful experience with Brendan.’

I had such a wonderful experience with Brendan. After a year or so of uncertainty Brendan helped me reduce my anxiety and help me focus on my sleep. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and I loved it. Thank you so much :)

Belinda - Lisbon, Portugal

‘We can see his confidence coming back.’

My son has been suffering from severe anxiety and depression following all of the covid restrictions and lockdowns. He has not been attending school or even leaving the house. After just one session with Brendan, who explained excellently why my son was feeling like this without any prying questions, he started opening up more. He got out of the house little by little and started interacting more. He really enjoys the sessions and we can see his confidence coming back. I cannot recommend Brendan enough and my son will miss him when we stop.

Jonathan - Bath

‘I now have a greater understanding of why my brain reacts the way it does.’

Brendan has been an amazing help with my anxiety. I come out of every session feeling so much more confident in myself and I now have a greater understanding of why my brain reacts the way it does. It has been a really positive experience for me and I would highly recommend it.

Philippa - Plymouth

‘I really don’t know what I would have done without someone recommending Brendan to me’

I cannot thank Brendan enough for all his wonderful support. I got to a stage where my anxiety was taking over my life, I felt like I had tried everything and exhausted all options. I really don’t know what I would have done without someone recommending Brendan to me (they sang his praises so much, I booked in). I had always wondered if hypnotherapy would work and it absolutely has for me, I couldn’t believe the improvements. The positive difference it has made is remarkable and I feel like I have a better quality of life. If you feel like you need help, it is most definitely worth seeing if hypnotherapy will also work for you. Brendan is lovely, incredibly approachable and professional - I would highly recommend his support.

Lisa - Exeter

‘I have more energy and I can enjoy life again’

When I first contacted Brendan, I was feeling quite desperate and not sure he could help me. I had extreme anxiety, insomnia and stress-related hives more or less constantly.

Our first Zoom meeting was a huge step forward for me. Brendan is very personable and professional and we quickly established a genuine rapport. My confidence that he could help me grew from that initial contact.

I rapidly felt better able to manage my feelings, rather than letting them manage me and now the hives have vanished and I sleep well. The biggest impact has been the way I now manage anxiety to the extent that my life is now so much calmer, I have more energy and I can enjoy life again. 

Thank you Brendan, for showing me the way. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone seeking support. For me the experience has been truly life-changing.

Janet - Cambridge

‘ more overthinking, no more constant worrying and just a general feeling of calm’

Having suffered from what I've come to recognise as anxiety for most of my 50+ years, I was somewhat sceptical when a good friend recommended that I try hypnotherapy with Brendan.


I was so, so nervous about doing it, in particular doing it online but, with a major event looming, I decided to be brave based on the transformation I'd seen in my friend.


Incredibly, within minutes of chatting to Brendan via Zoom I genuinely felt like I'd known him for ages and felt completely comfortable talking to him about the issues I needed help with - very, very few people know about my issues so it really says something that I felt able to be so open with Brendan.


Within just a few sessions, I felt like a different person - no more chronic overthinking, no more constant worrying and just a general feeling of calm. 

I'm no longer mentally exhausted as my brain now knows how to stop the constant whirring.

I can face social situations without that deep rooted anxiety and, best of all, I don't feel as though I am living a life on high alert waiting for danger.


When I do have the odd wobble, I'm able to recognise it as just that and don't find myself spiralling into the rabbit holes of 'What if X happens? What will I do if Y happens?'.


It's hard to put into words what a difference my sessions with Brendan have made without gushing and coming across as insincere in the written word.


For anyone thinking that life long habits can't be changed, I'm delighted to say that I've found this to be incorrect and I can look forward to life with a different outlook.

Sandra - Brighton

‘Within the first weeks, I was already feeling a difference with myself.’

I started to go to Brendan because of my anxiety. I struggled a lot with my worries to the point where I wouldn't sleep and come out of lessons in school to calm down. Within the first weeks, I was already feeling a difference with myself. It helped a lot and I feel so much better now. Thank you Brendan

Lucy - Plymouth

‘It has been a highly rewarding process’

Working with Brendan has been amazing, helping me overcome my anxiety on different occasions. He is so genuine and helps you understand why your mind reacts to situations like it does. It has been a highly rewarding process with the reward being relaxed and happy in your own head. I would highly recommend solution focused hypnotherapy to anyone!

Richard - Dartmouth

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