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More than 4,000 people a day in the UK search online for ways to lose weight fast, according to WordStream. And the NHS states that 1 in every 4 adults are obese, with a startling statistic that 1 in 5 10- to 11-year-olds are obese. This is a cross-generational issue that many people are looking for help with. Help with weight loss comes in many forms. The one thing that is certain is that we don’t have to accept our weight if we don’t want to.

Online hypnotherapy help with weight loss
Online Hypnotherapy Help with Weight Loss

The risks of being overweight are real, some can be life altering or life-threatening, such as –

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • Coronary heart disease

  • Strokes

  • Some types of cancer

And the fear is that we pass the habits of obesity on to our children, such as bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

There are many potential causes of obesity. Modern life brings more of those causes because we spend more time sitting down, eating processed foods and not exercising. In addition, some underlying health conditions can contribute to weight gain, such as an underactive thyroid. As we eat more sugary and fatty foods, and don’t use the calories from these foods, the body stores these in the body as fat.

Now, it isn’t always easy to make significant lifestyle changes at the drop of a hat. But getting help with weight loss could be a lot closer than you think.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Online Review

Getting Help For Weight Loss

Successful Online Hypnotherapy

We need food to survive. But sometimes it is the food we put in our body that actually threatens our health and can shorten our life expectancy. The people who have come to me for help with weight loss have tried many other methods. The diet industry is multinational and makes a huge amount of money from people’s efforts to lose weight. But you may find that something as simple as online hypnotherapy can help you to be more successful on your journey.

It can take over your life trying to count calories, stay away from temptation and find the time to exercise. But you can quickly move to a future where your life isn’t dictated by your efforts to lose weight and…

Find that you are in control of your cravings rather then your cravings being in control of you.

Have the willpower to say, “no.”

Don’t have to worry about the health issues associated with being overweight.

Look and feel better, while other people notice that you’ve lost weight.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Online Review
Brendan Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist

If you’re looking for some help to lose weight, then online hypnotherapy could very well be the answer. People see an immediate improvement in their weight loss efforts because they understand the psychology behind it. Then, over the longer term, people see their weight come off and stay off.

I offer a free consultation so you can see what it is we do and how it can help you. Why not book one today? You can ask loads of questions and see if it works for you.

A Client Success Story - Losing Weight

From the minute I first 'met' Brendan, albeit online, I was put at ease. He is incredibly friendly, with a lovely smile and a way of listening and questioning which is 100% empathetic and focused. I have met a hypnotherapist before and just did not feel any connection, but this was totally different. He really want to know about me in every aspect of my life, not just the problem that I was presenting. After an initial hour's free consultation, I felt so much better and understood more about what my brain was processing. As a result, even before my first session I had lost 4lbs of the excess weight that was the reason for me being there!! I would unhesitatingly recommend Brendan and look forward to using him again, myself.

Amelia - Oxford

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