A study in 2016 found that obesity is now the second most prevalent cause of premature death in Europe. We all have a very clear idea about how we want to look. For some of us, weight management remains the most difficult obstacle we face in our lives. This can lead to additional health problems, both physically and mentally.

Online hypnotherapy help with weight loss
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Success stories are common for people who have used online hypnotherapy for weight loss. I strive to offer the best hypnosis sessions for weight loss and success can be seen and felt relatively quickly.

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Successful Online Hypnotherapy

A Client Success Story - Losing Weight

From the minute I first 'met' Brendan, albeit online, I was put at ease. He is incredibly friendly, with a lovely smile and a way of listening and questioning which is 100% empathetic and focused. I have met a hypnotherapist before and just did not feel any connection, but this was totally different. He really want to know about me in every aspect of my life, not just the problem that I was presenting. After an initial hour's free consultation, I felt so much better and understood more about what my brain was processing. As a result, even before my first session I had lost 4lbs of the excess weight that was the reason for me being there!! I would unhesitatingly recommend Brendan and look forward to using him again, myself.

Amelia - Oxford