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Frequently Asked Question's

If you still can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

  • How much does a single session cost?
    After the Free Consultation, I charge £80 per session*. Each session lasts between 60-90mins. *A hypnotherapy session to quit smoking costs £200 for a one-off two hour session.
  • What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?
    Clinical Hypnotherapy uses intricate methods of hypnosis to help with a variety of physical and psychological issues. A high proportion of people feel the benefits of clinical hypnotherapy in a relatively short period of time.
  • Are there any risks or side effects associated with hypnotherapy?
    There are no risks whatsoever associated with a hypnotherapy session. Some people worry that there may be negative side effects, but there is no need whatsoever to be concerned.
  • Are all online hypnotherapy sessions confidential?
    Absolutely! All clients are given secure, private links to their appointments which are not shared with anyone else.
  • Are hypnotherapy sessions recorded?
    No hypnotherapy sessions are recorded in any way and the notes taken within each session are not transferred into an electronic format.
  • What conditions can hypnotherapy help with?
    Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, insomnia, fears and phobias, pain management, stress management, weight loss, giving up smoking, sporting performance, improving self-confidence/self-esteem etc.
  • Is online hypnotherapy effective?
    Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions conducted over the internet can be just as effective (in some cases more effective) as face to face hypnotherapy. For more information on this, please read my blog post "Is Online Hypnotherapy Effective?"
  • Do you have to be qualified to offer hypnotherapy sessions?
    People do need to be qualified to offer sessions, but there is currently a wide range of qualifications. When looking for a suitable hypnotherapist to work with, find out how long they spent getting qualified. It is also a good idea to research the governing body that issued the qualification as some are more reputabel than others. It took me a year to gain my qualification, but there are hypnotherapy courses that provide people with a certifcate after only a handful of training hours.
  • What is solution-focused hypnotherapy?
    Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a positive, forward looking approach. As well as being a highly effective approach, it can also be an incredibly enjoyable experience.
  • Are there advantages in receiving online hypnotherapy instead of face to face?
    There are many benefits to receiving hypnotherapy online. Booking online sessions means that you can undergo sessions in the comfort of your own home. It drastically cuts down the amount of time that is necessary to devote to each session (travel time etc). It also means that you have the opportunity to book any hypnotherapist across the world. For more advantages of online hypnotherapy, please read my blog "Does online hypnotherapy work?"
  • Do I need to be an expert with technology?
    Absolutely not! All hypnotherapy sessions (including Zoom scheduling, audio etc) are controlled by myself. All you need to do is click on a secure emailed link - I do the rest!
  • How does hypnotherapy work?
    The objective is to get a client into a relaxed, dream-like state. Once in this hypnotic state, it is possible, through the use of direct and indirect suggestions as well as metaphors to work with the subconcious and help the brain to make the necessary changes.
  • Why choose Clinical Hypnotherapy Online?
    I specialise in offering hypnotherapy online. As a result, you can expect high quality sessions that are tailored to your needs. High quality audio as well as the use of other technologies, drastically increase the effectiveness of the therapy.
  • Can I speak with someone who has worked with you?
    All hypnotherapy sessions are confidential. Therefore, providing details of people who I have worked with is not possible. However, you can read a detailed review here.
  • Is online hypnotherapy effective when working with children?
    The benefits of hypnotherapy can be just as pronounced in children. However, I do not work with children (under 18's) unless I have the consent of a parent/guardian. Children cannot book a session without me first discussing this with their parent/guardian.
  • What is the difference between a consultation and a hypnotherapy session?
    Anyone who is interesting in utilising my services should first book a consultation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know one another and will enable you to make a more informed choice of whether you want to pursue with the hypnotherapy. The consultation is also completely free, with no obligation to continue into therapy. Hypnotherapy sessions are planned in advance as a result of the information gained in the consultation. This is where the 'therapy' commences.
  • What will be discussed in a consultation?
    Firstly, you will have the opportunity to talk in detail about what you need help with. I may ask some follow-up questions for clarification. You will have total control regarding how much information you wish to share with me. I do not 'pry'. Secondly, I will ask some very general questions such as your age, full name, occupation etc. In addition to this, I'll also ask you some very brief, non-invasive questions regarding your general health and habits such as smoking and consumption of alcohol. Thirdly, I will try to give you an in-depth explanation of the brain and how it works whilst relating this information to your own personal circumstances. After this explanation, I will talk through what you can expect in your first hypnotherapy session. Finally, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen as a result of our discussion. All consultations revolve around a two-way conversation and so this is only a rough guide of what to expect.
  • What do I need to bring to my consultation?
    It is a good idea to have a think about how much information you'd like to share with me. This will help us to move quickly and efficiently within the consultation. Other than that, there is no expectation to prepare anything prior to our meeting.
  • How long is a consultation?
    Most consultations last about an hour. However, this is only a rough guide and you should be prepared for a session to last anything between 40 minutes and 90 minutes.
  • Am I going to be hypnotised in the consultation?
    No. The consultation is purely based on the sharing of relevant information and getting to know one another.
  • Will I be asked to book a hypnotherapy session at the end of the consultation?
    There is no obligation whatsoever to book a hypnotherapy session. I will not be asking you to make a booking I don't do a 'hard sell'. However, if you express an opinion to make a booking at the end of the session, then I am happy to make the necessary arrangements with you.
  • After my consultation, how soon can I receive my first hypnotherapy session?"
    People wishing to book a hypnotherapy session should leave approximately a week between the consultation and their first session. This allows time for a person to listen to the free hypnosis track to increase their understanding of what to expect.
  • Do I have to commit to a 'course' of hypnotherapy sessions?
    No. Whilst I am happy for you to book a block of hypnotherapy sessions, there is no obligation to do so. Anyone wishing to cease their hypnotherapy sessions will be able to with immediate effect.
  • Do I need to provide details of what I'd like help with before the consultation?
    I don't mind. Whilst it is sometimes helpful to know what you'd like help with before we meet, it is not essential.
  • Am I going to be bombarded with generic follow-up emails if I book a consultation?
    Absolutely not! I do not operate any mailing systems and you will not receive any kind of follow-up emails from me. As far as I'm concerned, you know where I am if you need me.
  • How do I book a consultation?
    Most people opt to book a consultation on the bookings page of my website. However, it is also possible to contact me to request a booking.
  • What do I need for a hypnotherapy session?
    The most important thing is to plan where you are going to base yourself for the session. Preparing a comfortable place to relax during hypnosis is important. Some people like to cover themselves with a blanket as it adds a level of comfort. Earphones are sometimes a good idea, particularly if there's a significant level of background noise. If you have pets, it's a good idea to prevent them from entering the same room during the hypnotherapy session. Dogs can often become extremely uneasy if they see their owners lying down, listening to someone talking to them via the internet. Trust me, it's not ideal if your cat decides that it wants attention halfway through the hypnotherapy session!
  • How can I prepare for a hypnotherapy session?
    There's no set approach to preparing for a hypnotherapy session. However, trying to ensure that you start the meeting in as a relaxed state as possible is a good idea. For example, it's sometimes pretty difficult to relax properly after consuming 4 cups of coffee in the hour before your appointment! Ensuring that your laptop/device is fully charged is important. Having to find a charger halfway through a hypnotherapy session can be pretty disruptive to the session.
  • Does a hypnotherapy session involve anything other than hypnosis?
    Yes. The hypnosis/trance part of the session is usually the second half of the appointment. Spending time talking through your week, looking at the brain and how it works, looking forwards to the week ahead as well as ascertaining how you're feeling in the current moment are all things that we could explore before commencing the hypnosis.
  • How long is a hypnotherapy session?
    You can expect a hypnotherapy session to last for an hour, but sessions can run for anytime between 50-90 minutes.
  • Do I need to subscribe to Zoom if I want to book a session?
    No, I subscirbe to Zoom and give you access to the platform through links sent via email.
  • Whilst I'm being hypnotised, will I be completly under your control?"
    No. You will be fully aware of what is going on throughout the session and you'll be able to come out of hypnosis/trance at any point. Most people find it to be a really relaxing experience.
  • Do I have to respond during hypnosis?
    No. All you need to do during the hypnosis part of the session is relax. Most people decide to close their eyes, but even this is not necessary.
  • What does it feel like whilst being hypnotised?
    For the most part, hypnosis is an incredibly relaxing and positive experience. Most people describe it as a pleasant daydream.
  • What if I fall asleep during a hypnotherapy session?
    If you're worried about this, you can provide me with contact details of someone who can wake you up at the end of the session.
  • How will I know that the hypnotherapy is having an effect?
    For many reasons, this is a difficult question to answer. You may not be completly aware of the effects of the hypnotherapy until you evaluate the differences that have happened in your life since commencing hypnotherapy. In most cases, the true impact of our sessions will be reflected in how you feel generally. This may not be immediately within the hypnosis part of our session, but will gradually work over time.
  • How often do I need to have a hypnotherapy session for it to be effective?
    This differs from person to person, but in most cases, the optimal time between sessions is a week.
  • How many hypnotherapy sessions will I need?
    For obvious reasons, this is a difficult question to answer and it ultimately depends on what you need help with. Someone asking for help to give up smoking can expect to receive no more than a single two hour session. However, other conditions will require many more sessions. I will be able to provide you with an approximation at the end of a consultation.
  • Will I need 'top-up' sessions after a course of hypnotherapy or will the effects last forever?
    I always aim to create positive lifelong change in the people with whom I work. I do not expect anyone to come back to me for a 'top-up'. However, I occasionally will see clients if they need help with a different area in their life.
  • Are you able to 'fix me'?
    Sadly not. People who approach me with this mindset often leave a consultation feeling disappointed. For hypnotherapy to work effectively, there must be commitment from both sides. In other words, we both have to work for the hypnotherapy to be a success. Whilst the commitment required is not an onerous one, it is necessary to enter hypnotherapy with the notion that it is a 'done with the client' and not a 'done to the client' approach.
  • How much does a hypnotherapy session cost?
    A standard hypnotherapy session costs £60. However, a one-off two hour session to stop smoking costs £150 in total.
  • How do I pay for a hypnotherapy session?
    The booking system on the website will guide you through the payment options. You can use a debit/credit card or Paypal. However, I am also happy to send invoices if this is what you prefer.
  • What if I need to postpone or reschedule?
    We all face unexpected events. In the vast majority of cases, I am more than happy to rearrange sessions at no extra cost.
  • What qualifications do you hold?
    In addition to my BA (Hons) Education Degree, I have a Diploma in Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy.
  • Are you insured?
    Yes. I am fully insured for my hypnotherapy session.
  • Where are you based?
    I am based in the South-West of England in Plymouth.
  • Do you also offer face to face hypnotherapy sessions?
    Whilst I only offer online sessions through this platform, I also conduct face to face therapy at the prestigious award winning Observatory Practice in Plymouth.
  • How long have you been offering online hypnotherapy sessions?
    I first started exploring the world of online hypnotherapy 12 months ago. You can read my blog here about my journey into online hypnotherapy.
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