Depression is more than just feeling a little low for a few days. People who are depressed go for weeks, even months feeling nothing not but extreme sadness. Mixed anxiety and depression is the most common mental illness in the UK, with nearly 8% of people suffering. When people feel depressed, it is important for them to seek help. 

Brendan Lee Clinical Hypnotherapy Online

Undergoing a course of clinical hypnotherapy for depression can help in a variety of ways, significantly improve mood and reducing negative thinking in a relatively short period of time. By booking a course of online hypnotherapy, it is possible to address the issues surrounding depression from the comfort of your own home. 

I recognise that depression is a real illness with very real symptoms. It is not something that can be solved simply by being told to 'pull yourself together'. Book a FREE consultation to see how I can help you to create positive lifelong change. 


"Brendan's hypnotherapy has helped me to overcome years of anxiety and depression"