It is a common misconception that examinations are a fair way to assess a person's ability to understand and apply a certain subject or topic. This simply isn't true; for some people, the biggest issue surrounding exams is not revising content, but trying to reduce exam stress in the build up. 

Online hypnotherapy help with exam stress
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Feeling nervous/anxious as important exams loom on the horizon is perfectly normal. However, sometimes anxiety takes a firm hold and begins to inhibit performance. Having taught for 20 years, I often found it surprising that students were not well versed in ways to deal with and reduce exam stress. 

I can work with you to reduce your anxiety, help with your exam stress and improve your mindset in the run-up to your exams. Book a FREE consultation to begin to find out how I can help you to achieve the grades you deserve.
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A Client Success Story

Brendan is simply phenomenal. He’s facilitated such a monumental change in the mental health of my 15 year old son. After only one session Brendan had already built a strong trusting rapport with my son. My son left the first session with a positive and uplifting frame of mind. Over the weeks this just improved week on week. Brendan is empathetic and sympathetic. His motivational approach is priceless. My son enjoyed every session, I am so grateful for Brendan’s expertise and professionalism. I would recommend Brendan to anyone he really is amazing. I’m so grateful to Brendan and would definitely use him again.

Heidi - Bath