We all experience some anxiety in our lives. However, anxiety can sometimes persist and in some cases gradually increase over time. 'Mixed anxiety and depression' is the most common mental disorder in the UK, with nearly 8% of the population suffering from this condition.

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'General Anxiety'; a long-term condition that causes people to be anxious about a wide range of situations and issues, can be hugely debilitating and it can leave a person feeling trapped. However, people can also suffer from anxiety that focuses on a specific issue or situation. Issues such as social anxiety, driving anxiety and health anxiety can become a problem if left untreated and in severe cases, lead to panic attacks. If anxiety takes hold, it is important to seek help.

Utilising the power of online hypnotherapy to confront your anxiety can yield significant results in just a few weeks. I aim to offer the very best help for people with anxiety. Book a FREE consultation and see how online hypnotherapy can help you overcome your anxiety and take back control in your life.
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A Client Success Story in Dealing with Anxiety

Having suffered from what I've come to recognise as anxiety for most of my 50+ years, I was somewhat sceptical when a good friend recommended that I try hypnotherapy with Brendan.


I was so, so nervous about doing it, in particular doing it online but, with a major event looming, I decided to be brave based on the transformation I'd seen in my friend.


Incredibly, within minutes of chatting to Brendan via Zoom I genuinely felt like I'd known him for ages and felt completely comfortable talking to him about the issues I needed help with - very, very few people know about my issues so it really says something that I felt able to be so open with Brendan.


Within just a few sessions, I felt like a different person - no more chronic overthinking, no more constant worrying and just a general feeling of calm. 

I'm no longer mentally exhausted as my brain now knows how to stop the constant whirring.

I can face social situations without that deep rooted anxiety and, best of all, I don't feel as though I am living a life on high alert waiting for danger.


When I do have the odd wobble, I'm able to recognise it as just that and don't find myself spiralling into the rabbit holes of 'What if X happens? What will I do if Y happens?'.


It's hard to put into words what a difference my sessions with Brendan have made without gushing and coming across as insincere in the written word.


For anyone thinking that life long habits can't be changed, I'm delighted to say that I've found this to be incorrect and I can look forward to life with a different outlook.

Sarah - Plymouth