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Why You Should Consider Online Hypnotherapy? (2023)

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Brendan Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist

In this blog, I'll explain the role of a Clinical Hypnotherapist, the effectiveness of Online Hypnotherapy and how it works. I'll also give you a few details of what it feels like to be hypnotised as well as what to do if you want to find out more. I'm a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has successfully worked with clients from all over the World. The results I get working online with clients are just as impressive (if not better) than when I work with people face to face. Want to know more about how Hypnotherapy works online? Then read on!

Clinical Hypnotherapy Online Review

What do you do for work? I now love it when I get asked this question. There's such a

contrast in people's responses compared with my previous career in education. When I used to tell people that I was a teacher, the follow-up questions were always fairly predictable: What age do you teach? (secondary school 11-18 years) What subject do you teach? (Maths, Physical Education, Sociology, Psychology) Any other responsibilities? (I'm an Assistant Headteacher/Senior Leader). The conversation then usually moves onto the person's own experience of schooling...... You see the thing is, when you tell people that you are a teacher, people already have a huge amount of experience of teachers, teaching and schools that they can draw upon. Hence, the familiar line of questioning - they already have a very clear picture in their mind, accurate or otherwise, of what you do for a living.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Online

When I inform people that I'm a Clinical Hypnotherapist and that I conduct most of my hypnotherapy sessions over the internet, there is often a pause (sometimes a very long pause!) whilst they decide what to say next. It's always lovely when you find yourself speaking to someone who has benefitted from clinical hypnotherapy as most people are more than happy to share their experiences and how hypnotherapy helped them. However, I find that there are still a significant number of people who are completely unaware of the benefits of clinical hypnotherapy and an even smaller number of people who know that online hypnotherapy is possible and can be just as effective (in some cases more effective) as the more traditional face to face hypnotherapy. This post is for those of you who identify with the majority i.e. knowing nothing or next to nothing about Clinical Hypnotherapy Online.

Brendan Lee Review

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy means using advanced methods of hypnosis to induce a state of trance in a person. Used appropriately, it can help with a wide range of medical and psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, anger, weight loss, insomnia, smoking............. the list is endless.

Hypnosis and trance

Some people feel anxious about being hypnotised as they're worried about someone taking control of their mind and getting them to do something against their will. Usual concerns involve scenarios such as barking like a dog or robbing a bank! Of course this is nonsense and isn't possible. People are always aware of their actions during hypnosis and are able to take conscious control should they wish.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Online is a cost-effective way for an individual to achieve positive results in a relatively short period of time. It is often used when other interventions have failed. I often find people booking a free consultation after having tried many other approaches without success.

Can Clinical Hypnotherapy Online work?

The main question that people have regarding my work is "Is Online Hypnotherapy Effective?". The simple answer is YES. Not only can it work just as effectively as face to face hypnotherapy, but many Clinical Hypnotherapists are beginning to acknowledge that there are significant advantages to conducting hypnotherapy online. Individuals are able to search and access any Clinical Hypnotherapist across the world, all from within the comfort of their own surroundings. This removes the efforts of trying to find a

Best Online Hypnotherapy

practice which is near enough for them to access, planning their journey, ensuring that they arrive on time etc. I am sure that everyone is able to relate to the scenario above and make their own links as to when they've made similar bookings - dental appointments, hair cuts, physiotherapy sessions etc. These all require similar thought processes in terms of planning. For some, these scenarios can actually produce high levels of anxiety, something that Clinical Hypnotherapists are working to reduce in clients! I have always felt a certain sense of irony that we expect someone suffering from high levels of anxiety or depression to travel to a place they have never been before and talk face to face with someone who they have never met. Needless to say, many people who need help give up before even speaking with a clinical hypnotherapist.

There are other advantages - no travel costs are incurred and the hypnotherapy sessions can commence at the click of a button. If a client wishes to remain anonymous, this is also possible as they'll be able to turn their camera off, only allowing the therapist access to audio. An increasing number of people have become acquainted with Zoom and other forms of video conferencing in the past year or so. The worldwide pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the world in which we live, but increasing familiarity with video conferencing is one of the small wins.

Online Hypnotherapy

At Clinical Hypnotherapy Online, my aim is to provide an online service of the highest quality. I am not offering online sessions as an afterthought or add-on. Through the use of the latest technology, I believe that it is possible to provide a service that is not only as good as face to face therapy, but surpasses it. Advances in technology will only serve to reinforce this viewpoint and I believe, over time, that hypnotherapy online will become more attractive than face to face hypnotherapy.

What Does it Feel Like to be Hypnotised?

People who have never experienced hypnosis before usually have a mixture of fear and intrigue. Will I remember everything? Are you going to make me hand over my bank details? Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken? For those of you asking similar questions, let me put your minds at rest....

When an individual is guided into a state of hypnosis/trance, they have full control of their actions. They cannot be forced to do anything against their will and will be able to recall the entire experience, should they wish. Think of it more as a state of deep relaxation where a person is able to move beneath the rational, conscious part of their mind and access the subconscious, where emotional beliefs that are controlling behaviour can be accessed. In fact, it's very similar to a daydream in many ways. It is a perfectly natural state of mind that allows you to lessen the impact of external stimuli on the brain, leaving you in a wonderfully calm and relaxed state. This is a very similar feeling to the one you experience when you begin to fall asleep. What better place to do this than in the comfort of your own home!

At Clinical Hypnotherapy Online, I understand that a significant proportion of people would like to experience the hypnosis/trance part of therapy BEFORE investigating further how hypnotherapy can help them. It is entirely plausible for an individual to want to experiment with hypnosis/trance by themselves before speaking with a hypnotherapist. If you share this interest, feel free to listen to my FREE hypnosis track on my website. It's obviously not exactly the same as a Clinical Hypnotherapy Session, but it will definitely give you a feel of what to expect.

At Clinical Hypnotherapy Online, I strive to provide the very best service. One of the ways that I maintain high standards is by using the very latest technology throughout each session. I use technology that enhances both the visual and (more importantly) audio for my clients, enabling them to access a far more effective and efficient hypnotherapy experience.

Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

I practise solution-focused hypnotherapy. Put simply, this means that all work conducted with clients will aim to find solutions to problems rather than 'getting rid of a problem'. As a result, all sessions are incredibly positive experiences as they are purely focused on moving forwards. Want to find out more from the people I've helped? Have a look at the reviews on Google from people who were happy to share their story.

Want to Find Out How I Can Help You?

Now you know what to expect, why not book a Free Consultation to see how Clinical Hypnotherapy Online can help you to make positive lifelong change. There's no obligation to continue with the therapy. What have you got to lose?

Clinical Hypnotherapy Online

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